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Review Your Property Assessment and Prepare to Grieve Your Real Estate Taxes

Review Your Property Assessment and Prepare to Grieve Your Real Estate Taxes

Each Municipality in Westchester County assesses their real property based on their records each year. This analysis is done by gathering  information that they have gathered pertaining to the market value of the dwelling or commercial property. Each year the City or Town will determine what the value of the property is and what the real estate taxes attributed to the property are going to be for the following year. It is imperative that you look at this assessment and determine whether you are fairly being assessed or whether your assessment should be disputed because  it is  too high or not equal to other properties in your geographic area.

Unfortunately, if this dispute is not commenced within the time line determined by the various Municipalities then you cannot grieve your real estate taxes and the assessment placed on the property by the Municipality becomes the assessment for the property and is not subject to dispute.


These deadlines vary in time by Municipality. Most of the deadlines are after January 31, except White Plains which has a deadline of January 21.

It is critical that you determine your assessment and if you feel you are being overtaxed that you consult with a professional. At the Law Office of Andrew Romano, we have helped guide homeowners in this process for over twenty five years. Give us a call and come in for a consultation to see if we can assist you in lowering your taxes.

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