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Lending and real estate finance law is always complicated. Whether you are a borrower or a lender, refinancing can have broad and lasting financial implications. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, we are experienced in handling complex real estate transactions on behalf of lenders, business owners and individuals. We represent borrowers and lenders and take a comprehensive approach to ensure you understand the refinancing process and the long-term consequences of any agreement.

Know the law and your rights during refinancing

If you are a homeowner looking to refinance your mortgage, you should remember that lowering your monthly mortgage payments or restructuring your interest payments are not the only implications of refinancing. You may also face additional costs in the future or potentially lose investments. You should consult with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who coordinates with your lender and secures the best possible interest rate and terms.

Refinancing attorney and New York mortgage lawyer serving the White Plains area

Refinancing gives you a new mortgage to pay off an existing mortgage. People pursue refinancing for a number of reasons. You may want to obtain a lower interests rate, convert an adjustable interest rate loan to a fixed rate loan or access cash from the equity of your home. Before you refinance, you should consider your options and the long-term consequences. You may obtain a home equity loan instead of refinancing. You should also consider what types of loans suit your needs.

Our Yonkers real estate firm offers competitive rates and works tirelessly on your behalf. We are experienced in handling complicated real estate issues in the refinancing process, including foreclosure and tax liens. Attorney Andrew M. Romano and our team effectively protect your interests and can help you answer the following questions:

  • Should I refinance? Refinancing may be a viable solution to help you reduce your interest rates or allow you to access cash from the equity in your home. Our attorneys review your circumstances and help you pursue the best solution.
  • What loans are available to me? Before refinancing, you should know what loans are available to you. Our lawyers help you review your loan options and negotiate with lenders on your behalf.
  • What are the risks of refinancing? Without an experienced advocate, you could risk long-term financial consequences and even lose your home to predatory lenders. We make sure that you fully comprehend your rights and obligations if you decide to refinance, including any issues related to tax liens.

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