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Attorneys offering help with lease agreements and disputes

The New York rental market is competitive, and both landlords and tenants face potential risks when entering into a lease. Whether you are a commercial landlord with significant experience in lease agreements or an individual renter, you need a clear understanding of your rights and obligations, — especially in the event of a dispute. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, our attorneys have more than 35 years of experience working to protect the property interests and financial investments of our clients.

Experienced lease dispute lawyers in White Plains

Any lease dispute can be highly disruptive for landlords or tenants. Landlords may struggle to collect rent or to evict a bad tenant. Tenants may need legal support to collect a security deposit, stop discrimination, or to resolve a breach of contract. Our firm has more than 35 years of experience representing landlords and tenants in breach of contract or lease disputes. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, we understand the stressful nature of a landlord-tenant dispute and take every necessary step to protect your interests and effectively resolve your case.

Commercial and residential rental law in and around White Plains, New York

The law can be complex in New York for both residential and commercial landlords and tenants. From negotiating the terms of a lease through dispute resolution or litigation, your rights and investments may be at stake. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, we take a thorough approach to protect your interests. We negotiate and draft an appropriate contract, help you take action in the event of a breach or aggressively pursue your interests in court. At every stage, attorney Andrew M. Romano and staff are prepared to handle your case. Our landlord-tenant attorneys are experienced in all of the following.

  • Commercial and residential lease agreements. Our attorneys can review, modify or draft lease agreements to meet your needs, whether you are a landlord or tenant, individual or business owner.
  • Evictions and building violations. We are experienced in complex landlord tenant disputes and can help you pursue or defend against evictions. We also help landlords ensure land use compliance and address building violations.
  • Guiding first time landlords. Renting property for the first time may not seem complicated. Your property may be in good repair and your leasing plan straightforward. Our team has experience guiding both first time tenants and lawyers to make sound decisions and give prudent advice. If you have unexpected issues, like property damage, you should hire a professional attorney to advocate for your needs and protect your assets.

Strategic counsel and experienced advocacy for landlords and tenants

New York landlord tenant law is constantly evolving and changing. Our attorneys are abreast of all legislative changes and relevant case law. Rules can be complicated and the procedures for litigation can be complex, so working with an experienced advocate who effectively achieves optimal results is important. As your advocates, we pursue every available legal action to minimize your losses and protect your best interests concerning your property. Likewise we can help tenants if a landlord hasn't made necessary repairs or is otherwise unresponsive to your needs.

As a tenant it is important to know that your landlord must maintain your property and provide basic necessities, including heat, hot water and premises free from vermin and garbage. Landlords also have rights, including right of entry (usually with notice) for repairs, scheduled maintenance and immediate right of entry to take care of emergency repairs. To learn more about rights and responsibilities for tenants and landlords, or if you believe the other party has broken your lease or contract, the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano can assist you.

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