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Breach of Contract

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Real estate contract disputes in New York

There are many situations in which disagreements lead to breach of contract issues. At the Law Office of Andre M. Romano we advocate for you whether your issue regard a business contract, a real estate contract, a lease or any other kind of contract. We also handle business contracts and agreements.

Property owners and landlords in greater White Plains risk lost income and property damage when a tenant breaks a lease agreement. Similarly, a tenant’s rights and security are at risk in the event of a breach, including building violations. Whether you are considering breaking a lease or you have suffered damages because of a breach of contract, an experienced attorney can protect your rights. Our property and lease agreements lawyers are experienced in residential and commercial agreements and can explore your options.

Landlords have certain responsibilities, including maintaining heat, working pipes and keeping property to code. Likewise, tenants must pay their rent and keep up the property clean. Other responsibilities, such as lawn care, snow removal or utility payment should be delineated in a lease agreement. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, a skilled Yonkers real estate attorney can answer your questions and effectively advocate for your interests that involve the following:

Act quickly to minimize damages and loss

Any breach of contract can result in significant damages and losses. Whether you are a former tenant who had their security deposit withheld or you are a landlord and want to know your rights and options, we can help. Our experienced landlord and tenant breach of contract lawyers are experienced in all aspects of New York property law. We take the time to review the facts of your case, assess your options and pursue just recourse either through negotiation and settlement or in court, when necessary.

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Whether you have already suffered a breach of contract or you are considering a breach of contract, you need a clear understanding of your rights, obligations and the consequences of taking any legal action. For a free initial consultation, contact our firm at 914.361.4041 or online. The Law Office of Andrew M. Romano is conveniently located in the heart of Yonkers, New York. Hablamos español.

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