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Landlord and tenant disputes and New York eviction law

New York eviction law is complicated and can leave a number of traps for unwary landlords or tenants. Process and procedure is critical, so you should consult with an experienced advocate who effectively can protect your rights and interests. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, we review the facts of your case, identify your objectives and apply the law to your case. Whether you are a landlord seeking to evict a tenant or you are a tenant in need of eviction defense, our legal team is prepared aggressively to defend your interests.

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Having an experienced eviction attorney is critical to understanding the laws, your rights and options. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, our attorneys have more than 35 years of experience in dealing with the complexities of New York eviction law. You may be wondering whether your landlord has the right to evict you or whether, as a landlord, you have may evict your tenant. In any situation, there are potential consequences for which you should be prepared:

  • Eviction. Landlord-tenant obligations can be complicated and confusing. Even when a lease defines the agreement between both parties clearly, a dispute is always a possibility. Landlords can evict a tenant when a tenant fails to pay rent, uses the premises for illegal purposes, zoning violations, causes damage or creates a nuisance.
  • Wrongful Eviction. As a renter you have certain rights that may not be clearly stated in your lease. Your landlord may not have followed the letter of the law in your eviction. This may be the key to your case to stay put. We know the rental laws in New York State and can advocate for you. If you are being intimidated by your landlord directly or through indirect means, such as shutting off your utilities or changing the locks, we can defend your rights and work out an agreement on your behalf.
  • The legal process. A lawful eviction requires that the landlord follow very specific legal processes. The landlord must petition the court to prove that a valid reason exists for any eviction, including contract disputes, unpaid rent or breach of contract. Landlords cannot simply force renters out without following due process, even if they have another tenant waiting to rent. They must issue a notice of eviction and give tenants the opportunity to correct the situation. Tenants are allowed to defend their position and can prevent an eviction in many cases.
  • Legal Intervention. Whether you are a tenant or landlord, you should involve an experienced attorney as soon as possible. We can handle your situation, guide and support you. Our attorneys effectively can protect your rights and achieve an optimal outcome in your case.

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Whether you are a landlord seeking to take legal action against a tenant or you are a tenant facing eviction, you need to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Acting quickly can ensure that your rights are protected and minimize costs or damages in your case. As a tenant, you need to have a clear understanding of your rights and obligations that involve a potential eviction.

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