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Tax Liens and Mortgage Foreclosures

Experienced Yonkers Tax Liens and Mortgage Foreclosures Attorney

Challenging a tax lien and preventing foreclosure around White Plains, New York

Overwhelming debts can have additional financial consequences, including tax liens and the threat of foreclosure. Whether you are an individual homeowner or a business owner facing property liens or the threat of foreclosure, you should seek sound counsel and advocacy as soon as possible. At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, we take a strategic approach to assess your case, identify your objectives and work quickly to stop mortgage foreclosure or remove burdensome tax liens on your property.

Strategic advocacy to protect your home and investments

A tax lien is a legal claim or hold on your real estate property held by the government or sold by the government to an individual. This makes your property collateral against the back taxes you owe. Liens can limit your right to sell or transfer the property. If you owe income taxes or owe taxes on your property, New York State or the federal government may place a lien on your property. Taxing authorities may also resort to other collection processes, including wage garnishment or bank levies.

At the Law Office of Andrew M. Romano, you work with a skilled real estate lawyer who assists you with all of the following.

  • Removal of levies. Our attorneys explore all of your options, including working out a payment play, an installment agreement or an offer in compromise to settle your tax debts and remove the levies on your property. In some cases, we can prevent tax liens or contest a lien that was wrongly placed on your property.
  • Stopping mortgage foreclosure. Whether you are behind on your mortgage payments or you are already facing foreclosures or eviction proceedings, you need to consult with an experienced real estate attorney as soon as possible. We review your assets, debts and income and explore all of your options, including mortgage refinancing, to stop mortgage foreclosure.

Foreclosure defense counsel and tax lien removal lawyers

In cases that involve mortgage foreclosure or liens, you should take a proactive approach. By ignoring legal issues or threats, you could waive your rights or lose opportunities to protect your property. Our attorneys and experienced legal team take a comprehensive approach to analyze your case, including your financial situation, to protect your rights and property interests effectively.

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